Angularjs vs Jquery

Angularjs vs Jquery Difference

AngularJS is built and maintained by dedicated (and highly talented) Google engineers. It is not a framework made by hobbyists in the open source community. AngularJS is a flexible JavaScript MVC framework for building rich client-side applications. AngularJS is a framework, not a JavaScript library like jQuery.

Basically jQuery is a single tool (solves one specific problem: dom manipulation) where AngularJS is a whole toolbox with all kind of tools for different problems  (routing, modelbindings, dom manipulation, etc.). Actually jqLite (subset of jQuery) is part of the AngularJS and you use it to solve the dom-manipulation thing.


Feature Jauery Angularjs
 Dom manimulation  yes  yes
 Animation support  yes  yes
 Ajax  yes  yes
 Restful api  No  yes
 MVC Pattern  No  yes
 Templating  No  yes
 Two-way data binding  No  yes
 Dependency Management  No  yes


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